About the L&D Cares 


To be sure, even prior to COVID-19, the world of work and the role of Learning in organizations has been changing. COVID, working remotely etc. has acerbated the situation – and also the need for support in making the transition. The L&D Cares Career Growth summit aims to help co-create better approaches to help folks in the transition.

As a team, L&D Cares wants to assist people in positioning themselves for success by providing resources to help them reframe or reinvent their career. We like to say, “Do not look for a job like the one you have - look at the potential for the work you could have.” There are multiple stakeholders in the talent acquisition and career change process (e.g. job seekers, Sourcing/Recruiters, Job L&D professionals in general, HR tech Vendors/Professional Organizations).

The spirit behind the Career Growth Summit’s is about Talking TO not just ABOUT these various stakeholders.

Like a Venn Diagram of L&D Cares, Sourcing/Recruiters, Job Seekers, HR tech Vendors/Professional Organizations, we are looking to facilitate a constructive discussion to understand the perspective, needs, and approaches of the various “circles” so that there is ...

Common baseline: expectations on experience

Theory of Abundance: not competing to one-up but to improve approach / process in the NOW of work for all parties involved in fostering careers

Help the narrative to improve the outcomes for all stakeholder groups (L&D, Job Seekers, Recruiters, Vendors/Professional Organizations) via L&D Cares

The lowdown:

The first 2 days start out with a panel discussion and then workshop. After a break, folks return for a focus presentation and then have the option to visit either a Talent Acquisition track or a L&D track. The days end with an open networking event.

Day 1 is perspective building in the NOW of work

Day 2 is the question if we are Future Ready. 

On the 3 day, we will experiment with co-creation to create a better path forward in talent matching and collaborating between our groups.

Key details?

The event is free. There is no sponsorship – we are not selling anything, we are solution agnostic 😊 and want to maintain that independence as much as possible.

The summit will be highly interactive leveraging the social conferencing tool Remo. To house the Summit website, the speaker bios, and agenda, we are using HeySummit. 

Speakers are cross-mix of practitioners, experts, consultants, researchers, movers-and-shakers.

The design is modular so that folks can deal with the other parts of their lives, participate in the summit, and have plenty of time to openly networking.

The speakers and attendees span at least 12 different time zones. Therefore, we set the reference time zone to be Eastern (US) – start 8:30 am – end 5:30 pm, with 2 60 minute breaks; After-parties every evening from 5:30-7:30 pm.

Capped at 500 attendees max

Priorities: L&D Cares Members: 1. Job seekers (Learning arena), 2. Recruiters/TA; 3. L&D Professionals and 4. HR Tech Vendors (career growth, learning, TA space, talent).

As most of our L&D Cares members are from the US, attendees are mainly US-based but it is open for global participants .

The videos from Rooms 1 and 2 will be posted onto the L&D Cares YouTube channel.

What sparked the L&D Cares Career Growth Summit?

The summit idea was sparked after a discussion of the L&D Cares meeting in July as to how could we get in front of the slips and announcements in October to help give perspective and foster real opportunities for job seekers - and also to help folks in our profession be better future-ready - irregardless of how the pandemic continues.

Our Career Growth Summit Motto: Do not look for a job like the one you have - look at the potential for the work you are capable of.

Elizabeth (Liz) Lembke took the lead and was the MC. After drawing up a concept, we vetted, reached out to our network, and crowdsourced on LinkedIn the ideas and the proposal. A core team of L&D Cares folks (Liz, Suzanne Mulder, Tina Bjork, Brandon Carson, Michelle Lentz, Ashley Trevitz, Klara Hermesz) was extended to include awesome folks from the other circles - from Talent Acquisition, we had Mike Cohen, Allyson Carter, Tim Pape, Mike Mazur, Lisa Vitale, Marlene Saucier, and Bryan Dick - and from HR Vendor Tech we had John Wills and Felix Wetzel. Then we worked like a honeycomb - Kimo Kippen, Dawn Baron, Jennifer Rodgers, Liz Lembke, and Brandon Carson from the L&D Cares team reached out to their network - and everyone that was asked, said "of course, what can I do?"

✅ Our Aim: Unity in Our Community.

And they 100% delivered. At the end, we had over 521 attendees, 327 of whom were job seekers – most out of the L&D area but also with some Talent Acquisition, Learning Research/Academia and “others” mixed in. From Tokyo, to South Africa, from Egypt to Hawaii and everywhere in between. Together, we touched people’s hearts, minds, and, quite honestly, showed what social competence in social isolation actually looks like: connecting, having some fun, and learning from one another.

✅ Our goal of making the talent matching process less soul-sucking and, perhaps, even enriching, took a major step forward!. We could not be more proud of the connections, the learning, and the verve of this community. We extend our gratitude to all of the attendees, to the speakers, to the panelists, to the awesome cohosts Tina Bjork, Mike Cohen, Suzanne Mulder, Michelle Lentz, Cara North, and to the great support team, especially Phil Tusing and Cristina Elma from Destination Talent!

For being 100% volunteer, it is pretty darn awesome. And the journey of L&D Cares Career Growth will be continued ... Want to be a part? Wonderful, we would love to have you. Simply reach out to any of the L&D Cares folks named above!